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Q. Who is Discipleship Explored intended for?

A. Discipleship Explored is an informal 8-week course for anyone who wants to make the most of their Christian lives. In particular, Discipleship Explored is perfect for guests who have been through Christianity Explored and have recently decided to follow Christ. The Universal Edition of the course is suitable for use with anyone who is learning English or who appreciates simple language. The International Student Edition is aimed at participants from different cultural backgrounds.

Q. How long is Discipleship Explored?

A. The course lasts eight weeks, with each weekly session lasting about 2 hours.

Q. Can I pull out if I want to?

A. Of course you can.

Q. What happens during a typical session?

A. Those familiar with Christianity Explored will feel right at home. Each session has a Group Discussion, a short study in Philippians, a short talk, and a further Group Discussion.

Q. What topics are covered?

A. The topics covered are as follows each week:

1. Confident In Christ (Philippians 1:1-11)

2. Living In Christ (Philippians 1:12-26)

3. Standing Together In Christ (Philippians 1:27 - 2:11)

4. Transformed By Christ (Philippians 2:12-30)

5. Righteous In Christ (Philippians 3:1-9)

6. Knowing Christ (Philippians 3:10 - 4:1)

7. Rejoicing In Christ (Philippians 4:2-9)

8. Content In Christ (Philippians 4:10-23)

Q. What's special about Discipleship Explored?

A. Philippians is a letter written to young Christians, encouraging them to stand firm and live for Christ. It is compelling, challenging and inspiring - particularly to those beginning the Christian life, because they are on exactly the same journey as the Philippians! Course leaders benefit from six training sessions that precede the course, giving them a confidence that is founded on a deeper understanding of Philippians. Also built into the course is a Bible reading plan to help every participant explore each theme further - and also develop the habit of reading the Bible daily.We meet on Thursday evenings at 7:15pm and the meeting closes at about 9:15pm.  Further discussion often continues after the formal end of the meeting.

For further information or to join a course contact the pastor.

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